How can i make my grandma with dementia agree with home care?


My 76 year old grandma has dementia, but does not agree with home care. She does not trust them with keys or her home and she does not let them inside her home. The doctor has mentioned that it is time for her to have home care. How do i make my grandma agree with this?

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Answer from Peach Nursing Ltd

Dear Clara,

This is always a difficult one to deal with.

Does Grandma go out shopping at all? If you take her I would use this time to take a carer with you as a friend and slowly get Grandma used to having this person around. If she does not go out, then when you visist take the carer with you and slowly slowly build up the trust to the point that the carer visits on her own, then helps with odd jobs, then visits on a regular basis doing a little more each time.


Hope this helps